Steam Exprezz

A Tribute To Peter Gabriel



This Steam Exprezz front man honors Gabriel’s name from rough and smokey rock artist to melodic tones. Peter has more in common with the Gabe than simply similar first names. ‘Hear both sides’ is perhaps the best label you can stick on this perfectionist. A virtuoso, ‘enfant terrible’ with a golden voice. Hear him once and you will be coming back for more...!


Richard is a maestro on guitar. A colourful wizard on the six string, he’s a perfectionist and with the rest of the band, takes the Steam Exprezz sound to another level. There is no reason for Richard to ‘throttle down’ as he puts it.  Indeed, ... ‘living on the edge provides a beautiful view’.


Post Pete Productions Presents...


Peter Gabriel’s world summarized in 6 carriages, is that possible? Absolutely! As Steam Exprezz rumbles through the sound barrier with its ‘Gabesound’, the laws of auditory barriers are set to zero. Steam Exprezz is different. They set themselves apart from the general ‘label’ of a so-called ‘cover band’. Steam Exprezz, (the only train where passengers have to buckle up), is ‘all aboard’, ‘full steam ahead’ with no brakes to slow it down!


No return tickets available. You can only buy one-way tickets on the Post Pete Station which will take you beyond your wildest dreams to Solsbury Hill. A journey that would keep the Trans Siberia Line in the Clarksville’s depot. Steam Exprezz turns a slow train into a Super Exprezz with extended coverage of Peter Gabriel’s complete works.


Though Steam Exprezz pays tribute to Peter Gabriel, it’s not simply a tribute band. This top formation doesn’t just imitate, rather it strives for perfection. They have deliberately chosen to use the term ‘tribute band’ because covering is one thing, ambition is another but the ultimate goal here is to bask in Gabriel's glory and pay homage to a true musical genius!


Book your one-way Steam Exprezz ticket NOW because we are leaving, with or without you...


For departure times and fares please contact Henk Baetsen at +31 (0)6 2280 2752 or


When you hear Austrian born Tanja Raich, don’t even think about edelweiss or yodels echoing through the Alps. Instead, you hear the pure voice of a singer who knows how to handle the power of the five man band behind her. The lady doesn’t need steam, the lady is steam! With a sound that reminds you of names like Bobby McFerrin and Christian Havel.


If “Slagerij van Kampen” had really been a butchery, John would have been the meat grinder. Why? Twisted as he is he has a love-hate realationship with his refined set of oildrums. During rehearsels and performances he beats the hell out of his “biscuit-tins. Crimes Anonymous already knows John and transfers calls to Hi-Hat Anonymous. Reliable sources, however, claim that John fondles his kettle drums when he is alone with them at night. Please don’t tell anyone!


That stature, that shape!  Mum and Mother Nature must have sighed with relieve the moment they could gently rock Henk’s cradle. Baetsen now scrolls through life as a multimedia tycoon. As keyboard player and programer he rocks his own cradle: ‘Steam Exprezz’. Until recently Henk didn’t believe in mottos. After the departure of Steam Exprezz he has definitely changed his mind and chosen a personal credo: The hand that rocks Pete’s cradle is the hand that rules the world...


This Tony Levin look-a-like is seen as the best integrated Dutch bassist south of the Maas and Waal rivers, at least as far as we are concerned. Some time ago, Marc relocated to Belgium in a Benelux exchange program with Eddy Wally, the godfather of the Belgium tear-jerker. Nobody knows why, but we do know what happened to Eddy Wally. Marc Soeters is a cross between Mayonnaise and Hollandaise sauce, traversing frontiers with his universal language of music.


Date: December 2  2016

Destination: De Bosuil

City: Weert

Departure: 21:00 hrs





Date: June 24  2016

Destination: Pitboel Theater

City: Sittard

Departure: 14:30 hrs



Steam Exprezz

A Non-Stop Train Ride Passing All Your Great Gabriel Songs

Henk +31 (0)6 – 2280 2752

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